Texas Association of Collegiate Veteran Program Officials

2018 Conference Presentations

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2018 85-15 Enrollment Limitations85-15 Enrollment Limitations3/16/2018
2018 Advanced SCO TrainingAdvanced SCO Training3/16/2018
2018 Andrea Slater BioAndrea Slater Bio3/18/2018
2018 Basic Training Part 1BasicTraining Part 13/16/2018
2018 Basic Training Part 2Basic Training Part 23/16/2018
2018 Boots to BooksBoots to Books, Susan Williams3/16/2018
2018 Chapt 31 CertificationChapter 31 Certificaiton-Gregory Primas,Ed.D.3/14/2018
2018 Christine Blakney BioChristine Blakney Bio3/18/2018
2018 Compliance SurveysCompliance Surveys Michael Butler3/17/2018
2018 DMC SCO PresentationDMC SCO Presentation, Presentor Jamie Jones2/28/2018
2018 General Worley's PresentationGeneral Worley's Presentation3/18/2018
2018 Ginger Gilbert BioGinger Gilbert Bio3/18/2018
2018 Go Army Ed Briefing  
2018 Grades MatterGrades Matter3/16/2018
2018 Hazlewood and Financial Aid OverawardsHazlewood and Financial Aid Overwards Clifton Jones3/20/2018

2017 Conference Materials

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2017 Debt Management CenterPresenter-Jamie Jones3/24/2017
2017 TACVPO Agenda2017 TACVPO Agenda3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Business Meeting2017 TACVPO Business Meeting3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Compliance SurveyPresentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Education CoordinatorPresentation3/8/2017
2017 TACVPO Grades and Their ImpactPresentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Hazlewood New Official Presentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Hazlewood UpdatePresentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO MVP Program SupportPresentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO New Certifying OfficialsPresentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Not So New SCOPresentation3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Officer Elections  
2017 TACVPO Point of ContactsPOC3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO ProgramProgram3/6/2017
2017 TACVPO Understanding 85-15 Enrollment RatiosPresentation3/6/2017



Conference Materials

Annual Conference Presentations


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Photos from TACVPO 42nd Annual Conference in Lubbock, Texas.


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